Commercial Resources


Commercial Centre

The commercial centre of Jolly Harbour consists of our administration offices including our Homeowner Liaison team, Accounts Receivables and Commercial Centre Management for our tenants.  Here you can order a new security pass, organise a PO Box if you are new homeowner and drop checks into the dropbox.

Other amenities include:

Supermarket * Pharmacy * Hair Salons * Law firm * Insurance business * Vehicle Rentals * Yacht Brokerage * Real Estate companies * Architects * Electrical Supplies * Clothes Store * Villa Rentals * Land Sales * ATMs

Homeowner Liaison

We have a dedicated Homeowner Liaison team available to assist you with any queries you may have.  Jafrica Jacobs is located in our Community Management office just across from Petal’s Cafe.  Alternatively, you can email her direct at [email protected].

Homeowner Liaison Jafrica